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Google Algorithm Update October 2020

Google Algorithm Updates October 2020 While election officials may be having their battles being sure that they accurately count the vote, Google started October with a problem of their own. Canonization and Mobile Indexing Issues Google had to admit that canonization and mobile indexing issues caused some sites to drop in rank that should not […]

June 2020 Google Algorithm Updates

June 2020 Google Algorithm Updates While some webmasters may have tried to get a staycation during June, it is evident that Google did not take a vacation. Instead, they released several Google algorithm updates during the month that webmasters needed to react to regardless of their plans. Government Update The most significant update during June […]

Top 10 Features of VOIP Phones

A Look At The Most Popular Features Of VoIP Phone Systems Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone systems have become a big part of daily corporate communications.   Although there are plenty of features that make VOIP phones a growing technology with increasing demand, here are some of our favorite features of VOIP phone systems: Hoteling […]

Google Algorithm Updates August 2019

August 2019 Algorithm Updates   Google is constantly changing their algorithms daily, but we wanted to give you a quick breakdown of the most important updates that happened this August. Although not all of these updates are confirmed, these are what the search engine community views as Google algorithm updates for August 2019:   August […]

Google Algorithm Update June 2019 | June 2019 Core Update

Google Core Algorithm Update June 2019 Google has announced that they have released a core algorithm update on June 3 2019. Typically, Google is pretty hush-hush about rolling out a core algorithm update, but thanks to the SEO community persistently asking for more transparency, they have responded by tweeting about their update. The following was […]

SEO is More Human Than You Think

Search engine optimization sounds technical, but it’s more human-oriented than we think. Humans are on the other end of every search phrase, so it makes sense that the best strategy is to write engaging content. Google has stated this fact numerous times over the years in different ways. As long as you write good content […]

Advantages of a Cloud Hosted Phone System

5 Benefits of A Cloud Hosted Phone System As technology evolves, more and more companies are starting to move their phone systems to a cloud-based solution. There are countless benefits of a cloud-hosted PBX phone system, but first, before we discuss this, let’s understand the terminology. A PBX stands for private branch exchange. You can think […]