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Top 10 Ways To Boost E-commerce Sales

Increase Your E-Commerce Sales Moving customers through the sales funnel is key to your e-commerce business. Yet, it can be challenging to connect with them and convince them that you have the right answer to their issues. Since your target audience is never without their smartphones with the internet on it, you must connect with […]

Google Algorithm Updates for January 2021

January Algorithm Updates The new year started quietly for Google algorithm updates. For the most part, it stayed that way throughout the month. SMITH Algorithm The company placed renewed emphasis on the SMITH algorithm as the year started. Google designed this tool to help them understand passages within a document. They did not mean it […]

What To Look For In A VoIP Provider

As you start investigating the move to VoIP phone service, you may have many questions about selecting the best phone provider for your area. Work with a value-added reseller because they are experts at tying all the pieces together so that you get the customized service that best meets your needs. There are several factors […]

Looking for An Alternative to Zoom? Try Your VOIP Phone System

Are you frustrated with trying to use Zoom for your business during this new work-from-home era? Unless you buy a costly subscription plan, you are limited to 45-minute meetings. Many have raised security concerns, and you can never see all the participants at the same time. Zoom is not alone. Google Meetup and other platforms […]

Google Algorithm Update December 2020

  Google Algorithm Update December 2020 Google gave webmasters a gift on December 5, 2020, when they rolled out a broad core algorithm update. While some welcomed the changes amid a busy holiday season, others groaned loudly. Google even changed it a little late in the month. Here’s what you need to know about Google […]

5 Signs Your Website Needs Work

If you have been working hard on your website, but you are disappointed in the results that you are seeing, then you may be overlooking some fundamental issues. Taking care of these issues will often help your website rise to the top of the rankings. Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly In a recent poll, […]

Google Algorithm Update September 2020

From PPC to Blogs Articles – September 2020 Algorithm Updates September started with a bang, especially in PPC, and it kept rolling throughout the month, so let’s get right to the latest news. Google to Stop Showing Search Queries That Trigger Ads If you look at your most recent pay-per-click reports, you may have realized […]