If you have been working hard on your website, but you are disappointed in the results that you are seeing, then you may be overlooking some fundamental issues. Taking care of these issues will often help your website rise to the top of the rankings.

Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

In a recent poll, 80% of users reported using a mobile device last year to search. Of those users, over 40% had completed a purchase on their mobile device. Furthermore, Google has gone to mobile-first indexing, and they automatically rank sites with mobile sites higher than those without one. The bottom line is that if your website is not mobile-friendly, the user will not see your website displayed adequately, resulting in a sale going to your competition. The answer to this problem is that you need a responsive design that automatically redesigns itself, depending on the user’s device.

Your Website Does Not Reflect Your Brand

Each brand is unique, and your website should allow customers to understand what makes you different from your competition. Unless you solve this problem, you may drive your target audience away. Start by ensuring that each page of your website reflects your brand’s voice. Find ways to make your unique selling point stand out. Be consistent by publishing new content regularly in different formats, such as blog posts, videos and podcasts. Promote your content in ways that will connect with your target audience and be willing to change those methods as the internet and people’s opinions change.

Your Website Cannot be Found on Google

If Google is not finding your website, then your target audience may not even know you exist. If you are creating a new website, it can take time for your site to rank well. Otherwise, several issues can cause Google not to find your site. You can identify most of them by looking at Google Analytics or asking an SEO company to review your website. Read the error reports and fix the problems. Be sure that you have not used code to block Google from crawling your site or specific pages. Use an XML map to show Google how your site is organized. If a penalty has hit you, immediately take care of the problem, but you may still have to wait until a significant algorithm update occurs to recover fully.

Your Website Runs Slow

There are many reasons that your website may be running slow. You must take steps to make it run as fast as possible as most customers will not wait longer than two seconds for your site to load before they head to your competitor’s business. Start by making sure that you are using a good host to handle your site at diverse locations. Clean out all the clutter that you have added to your site over the years. Then, enable your site to load some things as the rest of the content loads slower. Make sure that you have optimized all your files so that they will load as fast as possible.

Your Website Has Outdated Technology

Outdated technology causes your site to load slowly, and it may cause your site to be unresponsive. Take a minute to examine each piece of technology and see if there is a better option within your budget. You may discover that you no longer need that item on your website at all in many cases.

Taking care of these five things will help you rank better, which equates to more clients finding you. Then, offer them a reasonable price and outstanding customer service. The result will be a considerable improvement in your website’s conversion rate.