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Google algorithm update for December 2022

Google Algorithm Updates – December 2022 Google released two major updates in December 2022. They rolled them out simultaneously, so if your website took a hit, you might need to play detective to determine which algorithm update affected your website. Helpful Content Update This global update targets identifying content designed mainly to attract search engines […]

Google Helpful Content Update – August 2022 Updates

The Google Helpful Content algorithm update – August 2022 While many tried to sneak in a last-minute summer vacation, the team at Google was finishing up a significant product review update and rolling out a helpful content update. Never fear if you missed these two algorithms updates. We are here to provide you with an […]

SEO For Ecommerce Websites – The Step By Step Beginner’s Guide

Everything You Need To Know About SEO For Ecommerce Website If you own an e-commerce business, you absolutely should have SEO as one of your traffic-driving strategies for your website. SEO for an eCommerce site is one of the most affordable marketing tactics you can add to your arsenal of traffic driving techniques for your […]

SEO Updates for February 2022

Google algorithm update for February 2022 While Google has become better about announcing their algorithm updates, there were no announced updates in February, which did not mean that changes did not occur. If you rely on these updates to keep you abreast of the news, here is what you missed. User Page Experience Update Google […]

Google algorithm update for January 2022

Google algorithm update for January 2022 Google took an almost unprecedented break during the first two weeks of January. In fact, the only major announcement they made during the month was that page experience will roll out on desktops in February. Therefore, it is a great time to take another look at this update that […]

What Should Keep Every Marketing Manager Up at Night

When you are working on the marketing for your business, or any business, there are so many elements that you need to keep track of. And, as a marketing manager you have to take the steps to resolve any issues and make sure that your business appears in the best possible light. That takes time […]

16 Digital Marketing Trends to try in 2022

Try these Digital Marketing Ideas in 2022 As 2021 draws to an end, it is time to start planning your editorial calendar for 2022. While there is a lot of chatter about using AI technology to make marketing easier, many small-and-medium-sized companies find that technology cost-prohibitive. Instead of giving up on digital marketing, consider these […]

Google Algorithm Changes September 2021

Google Algorithm Update September 2021 If you manage a website, there are some Google algorithm updates and new features that you need to implement. September was a quieter month than the summer when Page User experience rolled out, but you should not have stopped working on your site throughout the month. Google Discover Rollout Google […]

Google Algorithm Update August 2021

Changes to Google Search August 2021 As everyone was scrambling to adjust to Google’s Page Experience update in June and July, Google also rolled out a Link Spam update starting on July 26 and not ending until August 24. Learn more about this update and others in this roundup. Link Spam Update If you are […]