Google Algorithm Update June 2019 | June 2019 Core Update

Google Core Algorithm Update June 2019

Google has announced that they have released a core algorithm update on June 3 2019. Typically, Google is pretty hush-hush about rolling out a core algorithm update, but thanks to the SEO community persistently asking for more transparency, they have responded by tweeting about their update. The following was tweeted on June 2nd:

What is this Update About?

This is where Google is vague again. They did not specify what exactly this update will be doing. As the Tweet says, though, we will see little noticeable changes on the search results, however, this could lay the ground for larger updates down the road. You can read more about this update on Search Engine Round Table.

We monitor our client’s rankings and will keep a close eye over the next week or so to see what this update does. Would you like us to monitor your rankings? Contact us to learn how!

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