Google Algorithm Updates for November 2022

Google Algorithm Updates for November 2022

November was a busy month for Google as the company prepared to help holiday shoppers get what they wanted easier. Let’s look at November news from Google.

Google Updates Coupons and Promo Codes

Just in time to help holiday shoppers, Google announced that they have made it easier for shoppers to copy coupon codes. They have also introduced a new feature allowing retailers to stamp images with special coupons. Finally, the company has also made it easier for consumers to compare two deals side-by-side to see which is the better buy.

Google Confirms New Ads Editor

While they rolled it out in July, Google has yet to confirm that they have created a new ads editor with several new features. The new editor allows webmasters to work with images more efficiently. Furthermore, you can get notifications when you have messages that need you to interact with the platform. Retailers can leave the location blank if they want to reach a global audience. The company is also adding new Ads Editor support features.

Google Updates Structured Data

Google has updated its structured data. When using monetary figures in these structures, use a comma where the period would typically go. For example, if the item costs $10.00, only in the structured data, it would be written as $10.00, not $10,00.

Google Shopping Console Update

If you use Google Product Structured Data and have a merchant account with the company, Google will use that information when choosing options to display in their shopping console. There is no need to upload a product feed to the company.

Google Adds New Local Search Features

Users can now use their cameras to find out information about nearby businesses, including whether a business is open, how busy it is, the price range, and its star rating. They have also added the option to search for a particular dish within a given geographical region. They have also given users the option to snap a photo of a dish and search for it near them using Google Lens.

Google Releases List of Current Ranking Systems

Google’s Danny Sullivan released a list of the company’s ranking systems. Among the significant systems are BERT, RankBrain, passage ranking system, PageRank, product review systems, page experience systems and spam detection systems.

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