Computer Repair & I.T. Services

Business Services

Managed Service Plans

Make your I.T. expenses predictable. For a small monthly fee, we will come out and make sure that your data is safe and that all your computers are running at peak performance.

Network Maintenance

A well-run network can do wonders for efficiency.  We can create a network services solution for you that maximizes efficiency and reduces your frustration.

Cloud Computing

Access your Windows Desktop anywhere, anytime, and from any device. With our Cloud Desktop, you can access your desktop anywhere with an internet connection.

Repair Services

From computer reloads and virus removal, to hardware or software failure, our trained technicians are here to get your business back on its feet!

Residential Services

Computer Repair (In Shop)

OneClick is rated top 20 in Milwaukee for computer repair services. From blue screens, black screens, and virus removal, to hardware repair and software repair — we do it all!

Remote Support

Many problems can be fixed remotely.  Our team can log in and help you diagnose a problem and provide you with top-notch service from the comfort of your own home!

On-Site Repair Services

We make house calls! Typically, we do this when you need internet repair, printer repair, help setting up your network, or to teach you computer skills!

Virus Protection

OneClick’s Total Security offers protection from all up-to-date viruses, trojans, and spyware, and is automatically set to monitor, block, and alert whenever a threat is detected.

Meet the Team

Computer Technician Team located in Sussex, WI

Rob Baum
Executive VP

Unstoppable. PC game enthusiast. Creative & critical thinker. Heads the I.T. and VOIP phone department.

John Duwe
Customer Service Representative

30+ years I.T. experience. Outdoor entusiast. Revolutionized the residential I.T. Department.

Christian Doland
Customer Support Specialist

Strong customer support skills. Avid gamer. Is studying business management & marketing.