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Managed Service Plans for Businesses

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With Our Clever Care Maintenance Plans

Technology is an amazing efficiency booster for business….when it works. Our goal is to keep your business running as smooth as possible for as long as possible. Our CleverCare managed service plan for business is designed with maximum efficiency in mind.

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What’s Included With Our CleverCare Managed Service Plans?

Monthly Tune-Ups

Every month a technician will arrive on-site and conduct a thorough audit and tune up of your network.

Items included in our Tune-Ups include:

Test Paripherals & Update Available Security Patches

Optimize server for maximum performance and reliability

Review routers, firewalls, switches for failure or problems

Backup Functionality Tests

Review hard drive space, memory, CPU utilization

Review and install operating system updates

Add and remove users

Unlimited Software Upgrades (labor only)

In-depth review of server logs for errors and potential problems

Network Monitoring

Our 24/7 network monitoring service will allow us to watch every aspect of your network to detect and report problems before they escalate into downtime, data loss, or expensive repair issues.

Items we monitor include:

Server traffic and load

Hardware integrity and reliability

Back up success and failures

Storage space and availability

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) monitoring

Anti-virus protection

Quarterly On-Site Consultation

Every three months, we will arrive on-site to perform an extensive analysis of your network’s trends, security, and performance as well as to review your company’s goals and technology issues with you.

This quarterly review will allow us to make specific recommendations for improving your network performance, office productivity, and help you plan and budget for future IT needs.

Some Samples of Consultation Items:

Potential Software Updates

Potential Network Hardware Updates

Network Performance Upgrades for Higher Office Productivity

Plan a Budget for Future IT Needs

Unlimited Spam Filtering

Thanks to a remote filtering service we offer,  One Click can stop 97% of all spam messages, and filter 99% of viruses sent via e-mail without requiring you to purchase and maintain expensive in-house hardware or software.

FREE Break-Fix Services

In the rare event that your network goes down, or if you experience any type of problem, our team of senior technicians will troubleshoot and resolve the issue at NO ADDITIONAL SERVICE FEE to you.  Think of this as a network insurance plan.

Virus REMOVAL and Cleaning

Spyware Removal

Network Connectivity Issues

FREE Unlimited Help Desk Support

You and your employees can call anytime during business our hours and speak to a technician about problems they are experiencing.

Preferred Client Discount of 25%

*On Non-Covered Technical Support. Includes network upgrades, special projects, or any other type of service we offer outside of this plan.

FREE Year-End Technology Review

We help you plan how to use technology to increase productivity, cut costs, gain competitive advantages, and support your company’s growth.

FREE Loaner Servers & Workstations

FREE Server and Workstation Loaner in the event of a workstation or server crash with qualifying plans.

24 Hour Or Less Response Time

Guaranteed 24-hour or less response to technical problems with qualifying plans.

Virus Definition and Security Patch Updates

This helps protect your company from viruses that target outdated software.

Vendor Liaison Services

Creation of Acceptable Use Policy

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