Phones with Dial-Tone Provided by an ISP

In addition to providing business phones systems with dial tone, we can provide just the phone systems when dial tone is provided by your internet company.

We have been installing phone systems for time warner cable and charter spectrum for years and are proud to say we can use any of our installs as a reference!  We give you a not to exceed price at the sales process and ensure that is kept!

After hundreds of installs, we have developed custom one of a kind templates that significantly increase reliability and usability of the phone system on time warner cable/charter spectrums sip trunking service.  These templates are vital to our success as an installer and no other installer has these.

Get A New Phone System with Your New ISP!

The Process

Sign Up

Sign up for time warner cable/charter spectrum SIP service and our choose from our wide selection of our grandstream or yealink product lines. 1 business day

SIP Cutover Date

Time Warner/charter spectrum will issue you a ``sip cutover`` date, this is when your old service stops and new service start. We will need to have your new system installed and working by this date. Typically time warner issues a sip cutover date anywhere from 2 weeks to a month after the sales process

Phone System Installation

We install the system, train your team members, and facilitate the cutover for you


You use your new phone system!

Call Presence & Easy Transfer – Always Know Where Your Calls Are

Have you ever transferred a call, and were not sure if the call was taken care of? Now you can visualize the call being transferred, and know that the call has reached the correct person!

Our favorite feature with these phones are the busy lamp fields (BLF’s). These tell you what lines are busy, and also help you visualize if someone is on park, and actually see someone pick up a park line! Check out the video to the right to see how easy this system is!

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