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OneClick’s Phone Service offers your business enterprise-grade voice, video, data, and mobility features all at a price that can’t be beat.  In fact, we can reduce your existing monthly phone bill with absolutely no upfront cost!

If you have an outdated phone system, or are looking to add more features to your phone system, consider upgrading to a VOIP system. With features such as call presence, making calls from your computer or phone through the phone system, and the ability to take your phone anywhere, we can find the perfect solution for you!

We have two Wisconsin locations in Richfield and Sussex, WI and service the Milwaukee and Milwaukee metro areas including Brookfield, Wauwatosa, West Allis, Waukesha and New Berlin. Trust our Milwaukee phone system specialists install a reliable, easy-to-use phone system for your large, medium, or small business!


Unbelievable New Features For Higher Efficiency

Cut Your Phone Bill In Half

We have been able to reduce most of our clients’ phone bills by 50%! Save on call costs by lowering mobile & customer service bills, add or remove extensions with little to no cost, and also streamline your business by integrating into your CRM system! If you are looking for business phone systems Milwaukee, we are confident we can help decrease your phone bill substantially!

Take Your Extension Anywhere

Want to make calls on the go? There’s an app for that! Our online phone system integrates into smartphones (both Android and IOS), Macs, and Windows laptops so your employees can take their extension anywhere with an internet connection. No need to give out your cell phone information!

See Presence of Colleagues

Viewing the status of other colleagues (presence) can help ensure that people calling in are being taken care of. This feature works great with remote employees or multiple locations – you can visualize everyone on the system and see who is available for transfer.

Multi-Office Integration

Our system allows for a seamless call-flow between all of your locations. Reduce the hassle of dealing with multiple phone systems—and possibly multiple phone companies—by using 3CX’s cutting-edge phone software.

Inbuilt Softphone

Our softphones for Mac and Windows can help you manage your calls from your desktop and receive calls through the office phone system from your computer – even when you are out of the office! With a headset, you can even use this softphone feature instead of your desk phone!

Deliver Faxes & Voicemail to Inbox

Our phone system allows for forwarding of voicemail and faxes to your inbox, allowing you to listen to voicemails without calling into your system, and receive faxes as PDFs.

Integrated Web Conferencing

Eliminate expensive web conferencing services with our cutting edge conferencing technology. This technology can also save money and travel time by allowing users to host web meetings.

Meet the Team

VOIP  Phone System Team in Milwaukee Area

Chad Waldron

Visionary. Born leader. Passionate about all things I.T.  Determined to make OneClick a nationally recognized

Rob Baum
Executive VP

Unstoppable. PC game enthusiast. Creative & critical thinker. Heads the I.T. and VOIP phone department.

David Nimmer
VOIP Specialist

Rockstar VOIP skills. Background in engineering. Goes above and beyond to satisfy clients.

Thomas Martin
Networking Specialist

Networking guru. Nationally recognized. Cisco certified. Loves a networking challenge.

Cut Your Phone Bill By Up to 50%