Google Sent Out A Survey Asking If People Would Pay For Google My Business Listings

Google recently started sending surveys to local businesses asking them if they would be willing to pay for features that are currently free for google my business users. Currently, google my business is a free google service that allows business owners to take control over their maps listings, add posts and offers as well as use this tool to try and rank higher on google local search results. Don’t have a listing? We suggest you sign up here.

Who Got Surveyed, and How Do I Submit My Opinion?

Google sent this survey out to select businesses – currently, we do not know how they selected these. Unfortunately, we at One Click did not get one.

X-Sean Bucher tweeted a screenshot of this email:

Currently, their survey link is no longer collecting input, but we will keep checking to see if they send out any more surveys like this.

Below is a screenshot of a survey with pricing model questions. This was provided by Search Engine Land:

Some of these features are already included in the free version of google my business. For example, offers, customer support, reservation buttons for free currently. Other features such as background checks, Google Guarantee and automated responses are currently not features.

Here is a screenshot of the survey explaining what certain features are:

So far, this is just a survey and we have no information from google if they will be doing this or not. This is a stark departure from the way they typically do things so it is possible that they may not offer this, or perhaps offer something similar to google my business, but as more of a pay per click option. One thing we can be sure of is that we will be checking the status of this quite often as it affects our SEO and Ads clients!

Since google’s survey is closed, why not tell us what your thoughts are on this possible change in the comments below!

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