3CX Phone Systems

Businesses with Multiple Locations Should Look at One Click & 3CX for their Phone System and Dial-tone Needs

3CX Phone Systems

3CX Phone Systems

Companies with multiple locations can face unique challenges in maintaining efficient and cost-effective solutions for their telecommunication systems.  One VoIP platform that can help streamline operations and keep costs down that is worth considering is 3CX.  

3CX has a variety of benefits that multi-location organizations can take advantage of, including:

Keep Operating Expenses Down

Implementing any unified communication system across multiple locations can be an expensive endeavor.  One Click can assist these businesses by offering 3CX in a cost-effective manner.  Our clients can take advantage of having one phone bill for the various locations they have connected to the 3CX platform we sell and support.  Locations can share call paths and numbers when possible, eliminating costly per-location phone bills and unifying the locations seamlessly through the platform.


Businesses are ever-changing entities that often shrink and grow as time goes on. 3CX is a platform built with scalability in mind, allowing companies to adapt to changing needs effortlessly. Whether your business is opening new branches or downsizing, 3CX can change as your business does.  Licensing for the platform can be increased as needed, and users can be added and removed from the platform with ease.  Gone are the days of having to purchase expensive hardware to support the increase in growth of your phone system!

Centralized Management

One of the key advantages of 3CX is its centralized management console. Administrators can efficiently oversee and configure communication systems across multiple locations from a single, cloud-based interface. This centralized control simplifies updates, security patches, and maintenance tasks, ensuring the system stays up-to-date without costing you valuable time out of the day.

Enhanced Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration is crucial for most businesses operating out of multiple locations. 3CX provides a host of tools at your disposal, including video conferencing, instant messaging, and screen sharing. These features facilitate real-time interaction among employees, regardless of where they are located, fostering teamwork and boosting productivity.  Additionally, 3CX offers the ability to integrate the platform into Microsoft Teams as well as various popular CRM applications.

Remote Work Support

3CX is well-equipped to support remote workers seamlessly. Its mobile app and web-based interface allow employees to access and utilize the system from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility ensures that your team can stay connected and productive, whether they’re in the office or working offsite.


Reliable communication solutions are essential for every business. 3CX is renowned for its high availability and reliability. With built-in failover and backup options, the system can withstand unforeseen disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted communication between your multiple locations. This reliability minimizes downtime and safeguards business continuity. Additionally, having the PBX (Brain of the Phone System) cloud-based ensures that even if there’s a power or internet outage at one of your locations, the phone system will still be running and calls will not be missed.

Multi-Site Integration

Make sure your locations all have the system set up to best fit your business needs.  3CX provides multi-site integration with the platform – allowing for efficient call routing, extension dialing, and call transfers from location to location.  This system can be set up so all the locations effectively operate as one – or completely separate while still being able to share dial-tone if that’s your preference!


Security is a top priority in today’s IT and telecommunication world. 3CX takes security seriously, offering encryption, firewall traversal, and other advanced security features to protect your communication data.

All of these features, paired with One Click Inc.’s FCC Compliant Hosted Dial-tone, can ensure your business operates efficiently and productively at a cost-effective price! One Click Inc. has installed hundreds of hosted phone systems over the last few years and has a local tech team focused on delivering the best customer experience possible.  We offer various deployment options so we can best assist your organization based on the needs of your business. Our team is dedicated to making sure your phone system isn’t an additional headache you have to worry about!