Google algorithm Update July 2023

Google Algorithm Update for July 2023

In July 2023, Twitter became X, Google’s robots were shortly blocked from searching X, webmasters spoke out against the updated Google Analytics 4, Google released Google Ads Editor 2.4 and Meta released Threads. Let’s look at all the Google algorithm updates you must know in July 2023.

Google Ads Editor 2.4

On July 5, 2023, Google released the newest version of Google Ads Editor. The update includes eight new features that those using Google Ads as part of their digital marketing scheme will want to explore. Those features include:

  • Creation of a video asset library – Easily find all your video assets in this library.
  • See multiple accounts simultaneously – Click on the overview tab to move between accounts without signing in or out.
  • Share Files Using Google Drive – Users can now share Google Drive files with others directly from the editor.
  • Schedule Post From the Editor – This feature eliminates the need for a separate program to schedule your posts.
  • Edit Groups Within the Edit – You can add or modify product and listing groups directly in the editor.
  • Eliminates the Need to Enable One YouTube Network – All videos in the editor are now automatically targeted by YouTube Search and YouTube Video networks.
  • Enable or Disable Video Enhancement – The editor can turn video enhancements on or off.
  • Use Download Options – Users can schedule downloads and item types directly from the program.

YouTube Pilots Search From Comments

Over the next few weeks, YouTube will pilot a new program allowing users to search keywords found in the comments while the original video continues to play in a mini-player. YouTube will determine the keywords based on what they think the viewer will want to explore further, and clicking on a keyword may take a viewer to your competitor’s marketing.

Google Bard Expanded

Google has expanded Bard to 40 countries. Furthermore, the company has added new features that may help your digital marketing. Marketers can now pin, rename and pick up recent conversations in Bard’s sidebar. You can also share your answers in more places. Google Lens is more integrated into Bard. Furthermore, you can adjust the tone of your responses between simple, long, short, professional, or casual.

Updates to Dynamic Search Ads and Google Display Ads

While you need to opt into the program, Google has enhanced features for people using Dynamic Search Ads and Google Display Ads. These new features suggest queries that may convert better, lets you automatically stop ads when inventory is gone, and better customize ads to match user intent. Google also introduced more search categories and enhanced the ability to control dates when your ad shows.

Google has dropped significant hints that a major algorithm update will occur before summer is over. Therefore, ensure that you watch this space for coming updates. In the meantime, contact us to get your digital marketing efforts ready to take advantage of the upcoming changes by enhancing your current efforts.