Looking for An Alternative to Zoom? Try Your VOIP Phone System

alternatives to zoom

Are you frustrated with trying to use Zoom for your business during this new work-from-home era? Unless you buy a costly subscription plan, you are limited to 45-minute meetings. Many have raised security concerns, and you can never see all the participants at the same time. Zoom is not alone. Google Meetup and other platforms all have frustrating limitations. There are many advantages of mitigating your video conferencing to a VoIP system.


If you are spending a bundle on producing web conferences, doing them on a VoIP phone system eliminates most of those costs. You can take the monthly subscription cost out of your budget. You will never pay an extra fee if you have technical questions about your VoIP service, while this can often come at a high cost when you work with a web conference service.

Improved Visibility

When you use a VoIP phone system, you not only lower the cost, but you also make your presentations more user friendly because they are using Zoom alternative hosts that they are already comfortable using. You can set it up so that everyone within your organization can view the presentation. At the same time, you can see what your team is doing. There is no limit to the number of people who can be on the Zoom alternative host at one time, so you can easily connect with those you need to be involved.

Increased Security

Eliminate employees from claiming that you never told them that because each session records automatically. Furthermore, if your employees need to go back and review exactly what they are supposed to be doing or the company’s viewpoint on a subject, they can quickly check the recording on this Zoom alternative hosts. It is also straightforward to share tools with different employees within your organization, which automatically creates better teamwork between individuals and departments.

User Friendly

You may have employees who do not like technology, but this Zoom alternative host is incredibly user friendly. This system encourages employees to relax and get to work. Additionally, the more relaxed your employees are with the technology, the more they can open up and think creatively, which usually leads to better solutions.


If you are ready to discuss Zoom alternatives, contact us today. We are committed to providing white glove customer service to each of our clients. You will not believe the low cost that is available to you for this high-quality service.