Google Algorithm Updates February 2023

Google Algorithm Update for Feb. 2023

While discussions in digital marketing during February 2023 have primarily revolved around Google Bard or ChatGPT on Bing, Google has quietly been releasing updates throughout the month in other areas.

Search Console Video Indexing Update

Webmasters and content creators can now find more information about how their videos perform in Google’s search console. Updated statistics include more detailed information on video impressions and the ability to filter data by sitemap.

Google Updates Gambling and Gaming Policy

Google announced that it would certify some companies offering online sports betting. Furthermore, they will allow companies to place ads targeting viewers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Product Review Update

Via Twitter, Google announced the international rollout of its sixth update to its product review update on February 21, which they initially released in April 2021. The point of this update was to make it part of websites that are not in English. Still, it is a great time to remember that the overall goal is that product comparisons must be based on customer use and not on information gathered across the internet.

Google Updates Link Guidance

In mid-February, Google released new guidance about how to make the most of links. The bottom line is that you should never force keywords into any text. Instead, concentrate on using natural language. The update encourages anchor texts to be extremely precise, and phases encouraging readers to click on them are not encouraged.

Google Ad Network Updates

Sites that use Google Ads to place malware on viewers’ devices are now considered a flagrant violation. An immediate suspension of an account will occur if a site’s code has been hacked.

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